Tuvan National Orchestra
Tuvan National Orchestra on stage

The Republic of Tuva (sometimes spelled Tyva) sits at the southern edge of Siberia, with Mongolia to its south. Over the centuries, Tuva has been part of Chinese and Mongolian empires, and shares many cultural ties with Mongolia. In 1944 it became part of the USSR, and Tuva is now a member of the Russian Federation.

The Tuvan National Orchestra reflects Tuva's complex cultural history, combining traditional Tuvan instruments, traditional Russian instruments, "modified" Tuvan instruments from Soviet times, and Western classical instruments. The musicians also sing, and the majority of the Orchestra's repertoire uses voices as well as instruments.

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Tuvan National Orchestra's first CD

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A high-spirited display of one-upmanship between
the Tuvan and Russian musical traditions.

Gnesin Academy of Music, Moscow, 2007  (on YouTube)

"I am Tuvan"

Gnesin Academy of Music, Moscow, 2007  (on YouTube)


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